Winding Specialists Co., Inc.
1225 Wellington Place   Wichita, Kasas 67203
T 316-265-9358    F 316-265-9351

Mission Statement
Winding Specialists Co., Inc.'s mission is to provide Quality
Parts for the Right Price with On-time Delivery.


WSC is a small, women owned supplier of spare parts for the Defense Industry.
We have been providing military products and accessories to the Defense
Logistics Agency, Army, Air Force and Navy for over 40 years.  We are a small
group of very capable individuals who take extreme pride in our knowledge to
solve problems, our personal service to our customers and the quality products
we produce.  Our cumulative years of government contracting experience and
teamwork enable us to support you throughout your entire requisition and order
fulfillment process - whether you need one part or one thousand.
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